Wellness Mums and Wellness Mums-To-Be Classes

Wellness Mums and Wellness Mums-To-Be Classes


We have introduced 2 new classes at the club to help mums to be and new mums stay healthy during and after their pregnancy.


This class is to help strengthen the body during pregnancy in order to improve stamina for labour and aid better post partum recovery. This class focuses on alleviating pain and discomfort felt in the muscles and core during pregnancy. We will train you in the safest and most effective way possible so you can have a strong, fit and healthy pregnancy.


The post-natal period should be thought of as the fourth trimester. During this period your body takes time to slowly return to its pre-pregnancy state. At Wellness Mums we train you in the correct manner to safely get your core back in shape. This involves strengthening the pelvic floor and training your core muscles to reconnect effectively. This class is also suitable for C-section mothers.

For more information about these classes or advice for your ante/pre natal exercise regime, please contact Cherie Cross (Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer) cherie@wave-wellness.com.