Over the first 10 days of membership, there will be a three-stage member induction.

Stage One

Meet your Personal Trainer and discuss goals and aspirations.
Use state-of-the-art technology to assess your starting point.

Stage Two

Your Personal Trainer will provide you with your bespoke workout to show you how all the equipment works. They will answer any questions you may have and amend your programme to suit specific requirements. The Personal Trainer will also set up ‘mywellness cloud’, a platform that allows you to access your own wellness cloud – which automatically logs all of your favourite content and workout programmes wherever you are, turning your desire for physical activity or healthy living into a personal experience ‘on the go’ – wellness on the go!

Stage Three

Time to sweat! You will be taken through a Personal Training session and shown exactly what you can achieve.
Every member will have the opportunity to have their programme re-evaluated by their Personal Trainer, to ensure they are on track and achieving their goals.