The Wellness Centre is honoured to have been selected by Technogym as their first ARTIS installation in the Sultanate of Oman. Technogym has recently retained  (for the sixth time) its title as the official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Technogym’s ARTIS fitness line is state of the art, combining cardio, strength and functional training with a seamless and integrated design.  The key feature of ARTIS is its interactive technology, which allows you access to all your social media while you track your workout.

It all begins with the Technogym’s revolutionary cloud account. You can create your personalized account on, which allows you to tailor the look and feel of any cardio equipment screen to your desire. As you exercise on a treadmill, elliptical or bike, your personalized social media screen will appear on each piece of equipment, allowing you to check your email, access Facebook and Twitter, watch movies, YouTube, Hulu and broadcast TV, or any other social media you may wish to use.

While you workout using your Technogym smartphone app, ARTIS is tracking and storing all of your results in your personal “Wellness Cloud”. When you exercise outside the Club, your Wellness Centre cloud account will allow you to integrate those workouts using the Wellness key, Fitbit, Polar, or similar personal fitness tracking programs.

If you have an IPhone or Android phone you can download the Technogym app and use your smartphone to log in when you work out at the club or away from it.

In addition to the Technogym Artis lines, the main training area and Ladies only zone will also have the following Technogym lines:

Kinesis – The main area will be equipped with a 5-station Kinesis wall, which will enable group as well as private training sessions. Each Kinesis station allows the user to deliver 250 exercises and movements, which will improve strength, flexibility and balance; a very easy piece of equipment to use and master. Kinesis can also be used for high intensity circuits and Peripheral Heart Action style training sessions (amongst a superfluity of others) due to the ease of changing movements, weight, exercise and style in just a few seconds!

Omnia – The ultimate experience in ‘functional training’! Functional training helps provide you with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that you need to thrive as you move through your life and wellness activities. Omnia can be used in group circuit training or by your Personal trainer to put you through your paces!

Pure Strength – The ultimate statement in free weight design and motion. Extraordinarily well-made high-end strength ‘architectures’ designed to endure the most punishing of core weight training, body-building and fitness master-classes. Technogym’s Pure Strength design is second to none and the build quality gives the user complete confidence even under the most intense levels of super-sets and repetitions!

Queenax Bridge
Queenax is a unique piece of equipment. Located in our Mind and Body Studio to accommodate the new trends of training. The Queenax indoor ‘Bridge’ is designed to use bodyweight in a variety of different exercise techniques that include monkey bars, chin up variations and suspension training. Enjoy the Swing Yoga! We are the ONLY Health Club in the Sultanate to offer Queenax.

Pilates Reformer
At home in the Mind and Body Studio, the Pilates Reformer is a specialist piece of equipment that uses the body’s own weight to provide progressive resistance for stretching, strengthening and toning movements. ‘Slide – for Intelligent Exercise’!

Escape Fitness
Escape fitness equipment is fun, colourful and interactive. Medicine balls, Bulgarian bags, slam balls and a variety of other unique fitness experiences can be found in the Freestyle Area. Based around the Technogym functional frame ‘Omnia’, the Escape fitness equipment will be available for personal use, or as part of the gym floor based circuit classes and freestyle courses!

Jacobs Ladder
Climb your way to peak condition! The Jacobs Ladder is the easiest way to work harder; different to most cardio machines, this climber utilizes low impact, high range of motion exercise to provide a phenomenal cardio workout to the upper and lower body. It is self paced so the faster you move, the faster it goes! Why don’t you join us in the Jacobs Ladder Mt. Everest Challenge where you’ll have 60 days to reach 29,029 feet. If you’re up for the challenge, sign up with one of our Personal Trainers and let the adventure begin!

Tracking Your Workouts
Whether you simply want to know what you have achieved that day, or wish to engage in some friendly competition with friends, cloud based and wearable technologies offer a simple and easy way to monitor your workouts.

We live in a digital world of smartphones and tablets and where new technologies are heavily intertwined within our daily life. This evolution has made its way into the fitness industry and as a result, Technogym has created the innovative mywellness cloud mobile app, which you can download for free. It not only works in the club with the Technogym cardio and machine weights equipment but also with third party fitness app such as FITBIT, Polar, Garmin and MapMyRun. It tracks MOVES, interacts with your Personal Trainer, logs into Technogym equipment and tracks everything you do wherever you go. Having all your data integrated in one place is effective in helping you remain motivated. You can see your results and you can concentrate on having fun. It’s ‘Wellness on the Go’!

MyZone is regarded by the Fitness Industry as the most accurate personal fitness and effort tracker. It will help you stay motivated as it tracks your heart rate, calories and effort level. Any workout you do in or outside the club is added to your account and you can access your details anywhere in the world.

Fitbit is a wearable technology designed to blend seamlessly into your daily lifestyle and monitor movement. Combined with daily exercise, Fitbit Trainer reviews your current activity level and creates personalized 12-week fitness plan that pushes you gradually to increase your movement.

Ladies Only Zone
A separate Ladies Only Zone will be available for our female members who wish to train privately.

Changing Facilities
Each changing area has been designed to be both functional and calming. Amenities include lockers, body showers, Amouage toiletries and much more.

Imported from Germany, our beautifully designed top-of-the-line Klafs saunas are a post workout must. The Ladies sauna has a unique Collagen lighting system to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.

Members Lounge
Pre or post workout, the Members Lounge is an ideal location to relax over a coffee or catch up on your workout stats with our free WI-FI.

The Wellness Centre App
Every day is a little different, even if you are a full time mum or a nine to fiver… finding the time to make a telephone call to book your favourite group exercise class can sometimes be difficult.  Download the Wellness Centre App today to plan and schedule your Cryotherapy Sessions, Group Exercise classes and Personal Training sessions at any time of the day.  From this app you can view schedules, book appointments and view ongoing promotions.

Customer satisfaction
ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a Quality Management System.  This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including:

  • Strong customer focus & customer feedback
  • The motivation and implication of top management
  • The process approach
  • Continual improvement

The Wellness Centre is currently working towards its ISO 9001:2008 certification.