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Only 100 memberships remaining at special prices!

There are only 100 special pre-opening memberships available so be quick to snap up this limited deal.  Hurry down to the Wellness Centre kiosk at The Walk at The Wave Muscat now! We are there from 6:00-10:00pm daily.

Update from The Wellness Centre

With building works well underway, The Wellness Centre is taking shape and we aim for completion during Eid al-Fitr in late July.

We have worked hard to bring unique and innovative experiences. For a preview of what you can look forward to, please go to the following websites: –



Escape Fitness


Jacobs Ladder


Les Mills

Impact Cryotherapy

Cryo Healthcare




Klafs Saunas



The Wave Muscat

And the Winner is……

A BIG thank you to all for taking part in our win a 1 month membership competition! To enter the draw you had to answer –
Technogym Oman supplies The Wellness Centre with the highest standards of equipment; can you name the various types of equipment? The correct answer was: Kinesis, Pure Strength and the new Artis line with Unity Interface. The winner is….


Well done Dabevon. We look forward to welcoming you to The Wellness Centre when we open in late July.

If you missed out, follow our Facebook page for more chances to win!

Eating and working out

Eating something an hour before working out will help you during physical activity. But eating and hydrating yourself during and after working out is also important. Here is some useful advice.
What should you eat before working out?
Eating something an hour before working out will help you during the actual workout.
Ideally, you should choose fresh fruit, an energy gel or a sport drink.
About three to four hours before working out, on the contrary, you can eat something more substantial, like a plate of pasta with tomato sauce or lean meat with salad.
What should you avoid at all cost? Fatty or fried foods and alcohol.
What should you eat after working out?
In the 30-45 minutes after working out, especially if you have performed aerobic type or prolonged exercises, try to take in carbohydrates by eating them in solid form (fruit or specific bars) or drinking them in liquid form (fruit juice): this will help you to build back the reserves of glycogen you have consumed during your workout. 
Protein bars can also be useful, but remember that your intake of protein must be at a ratio 1 to 4 against carbohydrates; it has in fact been proved that an excess of protein immediately after working out has a negative impact both on rehydration and restoring reserves of glycogen.
Hydration during workouts
Drink at least three glasses of water during the 2-3 hours previous to working out and one glass of water every 10-15 minutes after the end of your workout for one hour.
Sport drinks are useful if your workout lasts over 60 minutes and the intensity is high.
During very long workouts, drinking a sport drink during the workout may help to increase the length of the workout.
Wellness regards,
The Technogym Oman team

Introducing our General Manager

Have you met the man spearheading the development of The Wellness Centre? This is Gary Hunt our General Manager. Gary is no stranger to the Middle East or the Fitness Industry, having opened 63 clubs in the UK and GCC. Gary arrived in the Sultanate after managing and re-energizing one of Dubai’s most elite health Clubs. Come down and meet Gary at our Sales Kiosk, open daily from 10am-2pm and 6-10pm.

Meet our Personal Trainers

Have you been to our kiosk to meet some of our personal trainers yet?  They are there at the sales kiosk everyday between 10am-2pm and 6-10pm.  Come down and meet them and learn about The Wellness Centre’s special pre-opening memberships. You can find them on Level 1, The Walk at The Wave Muscat. See you there soon!

Made in Italy, the Recline Personal

Recline Personal is the new reclined bike that allows you to perform safe, effective cardiovascular training at home.
Ergonomic seat and pedals, elegant finishes and materials, user-friendly adjustment controls, multimedia functions: Recline Personal combines many characteristics that satisfy your desire to move in a fun, comfortable way in a limited space.
Easy to use access, it is the ideal solution for those who want to train at home as if they were in the gym and stay in shape without tiring the back or joints.
Wellness regards,
The Technogym Oman Team

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Active Sitting with Wellness Ball™

Forget the office chair and opt for Wellness Ball™ Active Sitting instead. They are an ever-more common sight in offices around the world, as increasing numbers of employees and employers become conscious about good posture.
Simply sitting on the ball for short periods can work the core muscles, through maintaining balance and toning those glutes.
It’s harder than you might think but can have great results.  
You needn’t worry – many businesses now promote employee wellbeing by offering medically – approved chairs for those with back pain, so a request to use Wellness Ball™ Active Sitting shouldn’t be rejected.
They tend to be comfortable, stable (provided they are sufficiently inflated) and provide traction, so individuals won’t slip or roll off.
Have fun with it, but be aware, it’s almost
guaranteed that your colleagues will want to try it out!

Wellness regards,

The Technogym Oman Team

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UNITY™, the new cardio console

UNITY takes personal experiences and user-friendly technology to the next level.
UNITY™ is the most advanced, open Android-based user platform in the market. It features swipe-screen touch technology, Virtual Training, simple log-in access to personalized content and enhanced goosenorge entertainment experiences through Internet, TV, games and more.
UNITY™ opens your facility to new opportunities
The world is changing rapidly to adopt more and more technology-based solutions. Mobile apps, online and cloudbased solutions can help make a different to your bottom line.UNITY™ is the first open platform that can truly capitalize on this business potential.Thanks to the mywellness®cloud, Technogym Ecosystem’s cloud computing technology, you will be able to deliver Wellness on the GO to your members, thereby allowing your members to track their progress wherever they are and wherever they want.
Expand your business horizon
Technogym’s professionalapplications will enable you to stay in contact with your members everywhere to deliver Wellness at the facility, on the go and at home.
Make a difference
A constant source of unlimited native Android apps certified by Technogym lets your members customize their own premium personalized training experiences.
Empower your members
Consumer apps allow your members to stay connected to their wellness data and personal content via mobile devices, thereby helping them to embrace a healthier lifestyle.
For example, this means that members who already have an account with the popular app Map My Fitness and/or Runkeeper, will be able to integrate their information directly into their mywellness® cloud account.
Your members interact with UNITY™ as if they were using their own table to swipe, scroll and click through to content. As a result,Canada Goose Dame transitioning from one activity to another is simple and intuitive.
Check out this video and if you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us.
Wellness regards,
The Technogym Oman Team

Win with The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre, opening soon at The Wave, has launched a Facebook contest where over the next two weeks fans will be able to win 2 x 1-month memberships.
The Wellness Centre is going to revolutionize the fitness industry in Oman by providing members with the best in equipment, facilities, service and staff.
Once up and running in July The Wellness Centre will offer a range of classes from aerobic classes such as BodyPump, BodyCombat, RPM and introduce the latest dance fitness craze – Sh’Bam.
They will also have a fully equipped gym, powered by Technogym Oman, with the latest and greatest equipment including free weights, treadmills and rowing machines and to really tone your lower body, the Jacobs Ladder. And if you’re ready to freeze yourself you’ll have to try out Cryotherapy, an age-old tradition, which uses cooling technology to aid athletic recovery and enhance performance.
If you’d like to have more info and details drop in at their kiosk, located on the first floor at The Walk, The Wave, where you’ll also be able to avail pre-opening special memberships offers. The kiosk is open daily between 6pm and 10pm. alternatively, send a mail by clicking here.
So what are you waiting for, just head over to The Wellness Centre Facebook page and give it a shot!
Wellness regards,
The Technogym Oman Team