The Wellness Challenge

The Wellness Challenge is an 8-week body transformation contest exclusively available to The Wellness Centre members. Not only will the Challenge help you get fit, exceed your goals & improve your overall health, you will also have a chance to win 12, six or three-month memberships & cryotherapy sessions.
October 1 onwards, challengers participate in comprehensive initial measurements & photographs. Then, eight weeks later, final measurements & final photographs will be taken to document results. Our team will choose the winner based on the Body Fat Loss to Muscle Gain ratio. #twcoman #thewellnesscentreoman #thewellnesschallengeOM
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The Wellness Challenge

Are you ready? Watch our space. #comingsoon #thewellnesscentreoman #thewellnesschallengeOM #twcoman

Club Update

Valuable members, please be informed. #twcoman

Bankmuscat Offer

Have you enquired about our @bankmuscat offers yet?
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تحب الرياضة؟
#فالك_طيب , الولنس سنتر @wellnesscentremuscat في الموج مسقط يقدم عروض خاصة لحاملي بطاقات #بنك_مسقط تصل إلى 70%
يسري العرض لغاية 1 يوليو 2018
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Celebrating 2 Years of Wellness

We would like to thank all our members and members of staff for making The Wellness Centre the best fitness boutique in the Sultanate!
We’ve come a long way, spreading the awareness of a strong relationship between the mind and body, optimum living and having a great time while getting there.

Summer Wellness

Escalate your Summer Fitness Goals with an offer you can’t refuse.
A great array of Group Fitness Classes to experience and amenities you have to see to believe.
All at OMR 16* for a month.
Drop everything, enroll now.
Call 24128333 or 24128444
*Joining Fee Applicable

Rocktape is coming to Oman

Have you enrolled for your course yet?
This interactive education is all about:
1- Movement Assessment & Screening.
2- Fascial Release.
3- Functional Kinesiology Taping.
4- Soft Tissue Tools #IASTM
And much more!
** Sign up for the upcoming Functional Movement Training at @wellnesscentremuscat in #Oman
** Earn 24 CEU points endorsed by @repsuae
Early Bird 20% Discount FMTMCT2017
(Expires 25 July)
** Continued Education.
** Become FMT Certified

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy at The Wellness Centre is geared toward athletes of every kind. The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to our client’s sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. Book your appointments at The Wellness Centre’s for a Sports Massage on request. This service