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Artemio Abesamis

With a background as a security specialist in the US Military, including training base guards in Afghanistan, Artemio is the perfect choice for those looking for a highly motivational personal trainer. As a certi ed boxing instructor, and having worked as a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Dubai, Artemio brings his own unique and enthusiastic approach to The Wellness Centre. Artemio is committed to using his own drive to create an individualised and challenging program that will give you clear, achievable goals based on your personal tness needs and abilities – getting you there with patience and dedication.

Tereza Kuncová

With more than seven years experience in personal training and tness from a variety of high end clubs in Europe and the Middle East, our GX Manager Tereza is the perfect choice when you are looking for an experienced and highly quali ed PT. Basing her training programmes on a wealth of knowledge gained through her degree in Physical Education and Sport Science, and her own personal achievements in Gymnastics, her clients always get the best results that they are looking for. You will often see Tereza teaching one of her 5 different Les Mills Classes with a big smile. In addition to all this, Tereza is also quali ed in sports massage and available to help you recover from a heavy training session with her!


Moussa has over two years’ experience as a Muay Thai and Ju-Jitsu ghter, and his outstanding achievements in this eld are a perfect addition to his tness and lifestyle training skills. Mixed Martial Arts requires intense focus and dedication, and Moussa transfers these qualities into creating highly personalised and carefully planned exercise programs. His skills best suit clients looking to optimize their strength, tness and balance, and his motivational approach can help you achieve the results you are looking for. Moussa’s interests include trekking, sailing and camping.


If you are looking for a high energy fat burning workout, Salim is the trainer for you. His personal passion for high intensity training lead him to recently becoming quali ed as a Les Mills GRIT instructor. His enthusiasm for developing interesting, varied and intense workouts is evident to see across his own training program and those that he develops for his clients. Don’t be fooled by his approachable and patient manner, his workouts will push you to your limits and leave you anticipating your next session eagerly!


Fahad comes to The Wellness Centre with the motivation to help you go the distance. Fahad has a passion for long distance running and has been a personal trainer since 2013. He is skilled in individualised assessments, crafting varied and effective exercise schedules and pushing you to achieve your tness goals. He is focused and disciplined and brings these attributes to sessions with clients. His experience in providing team-building exercises gives Fahad the motivational skills to get you to where you want to be.


Oliver has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy and ve years’ experience in the UAE as an exercise specialist in Abu Dhabi’s prestigious Burjeel Hospital. Mark is also certi ed at REPS Level 2, is quali ed in functional training and is a BOXFX instructor. Why not catch one of his PRAMA or QUEENAX classes to check out his teaching style. He is dedicated to assessing each client’s needs and capabilities and producing an individualised training schedule to suit. With Mark as your personal trainer, you can be sure you are getting a highly engaging and motivating programme to help you reach your maximum potential.


Shady is a REP’s certified personal trainer focused on providing the highest quality individual and group personal training services. He graduated from Cairo University with a degree in Physical Education and Sports Science. He is a certified rehabilitation and massage specialist through the National Council of Sports & Injuries, as well as a member of the General Syndicate of Sport Professions (Cairo). With a background in the military he aims to customise workouts that build physical and mental strength. Shady is confident in designing a simple yet efficient programme for you that can achieve lasting results. He looks forward to helping others achieve optimal performance, whether for work or play, along with a greater sense of well-being, leading to a healthier lifestyle.


After graduating with a 1st class honors degree in nursing, Charly dedicated herself to a busy Intensive Care Unit, where she was able to hone both her professional skills and her personal capabilities to provide support and help to both patients and staff. A keen runner, and a member of netball, hockey and rounders’ teams’ honors, Charly is passionate about a holistic approach to tness and well-being, and utilises her positive attitude and communication skills to motivate her personal training clients to perform and achieve to their utmost ability.

Melissa De Leon

Melissa is a Registered Nurse and has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She has 5 years experience working in a Labor and Delivery Department. Before moving to Oman, she lived and worked in Dubai for 3 years. With her hospital background she is very keen on detail at work and is always striving for improvements and changes. Being a part of the Wellness Centre Team is a breath of fresh air for her. Getting away from hospital stress and still be able to do the thing she loves, making people feel better. As a qualified CRYOtherapy Technician, Melissa draws on her medical background to explain and help clients achieve the benefits of CRYOtherapy. Her hobbies include crocheting, reading novels, watching movies and nature trips.